No Gi Shop Blog #2 | The fundamental BJJ base in MMA

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No Gi Shop Blog #2 | The fundamental BJJ base in MMA

The fundamental BJJ base in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has exploded into public consciousness recently. UFC is one of the leading organizations for making fights in this sport and millions of people watch the glorious battles that go on in the UFC events.

It could be said that there are three main elements in the entire MMA game. The first is kicking and striking, the second is clinching and wrestling, and the third is grappling. You’d be surprised at how many people underestimate the importance of the element of grappling in MMA.

One of the most important elements of the ground game is BJJ. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can make you an expert grappler. So, if you really wish to improve your skills in MMA, then we suggest that you try training BJJ. All you need is a few pieces of equipment when it comes to the training gear. A couple of Rashguards, Spats and a good set of Fight Shorts and you’re good to go.

That being said, it’s very important for you to learn BJJ. If you can combine it with a few wrestler’s moves such as the double-leg takedown, then you will prove to be an unstoppable force in MMA. Many of the top-level MMA fighters base their entire game on the ground. BJ Penn, Damien Maia, the legend Royce Gracie – all of them are very high-level BJJ practitioners and they have had tremendous successes in MMA.

The recent UFC match between Kevin Lee and Edson Barboza demonstrates the power of BJJ and the ground game in MMA. This was the classic striker versus grappler matchup, Kevin Lee being the proficient grappler and Barboza the devastating striker. Lee implemented a very smart gameplan that was based on his grappling capabilities. And this showed in the match – Lee dominated Barboza for nearly the entire fight – he went for the takedowns and then passed his opponent’s guard to side control and finally into mount. From there he proceeded to let all hell break loose over his opponent by vicious ground and pound. Training BJJ can help you get to this level where you will be able to destroy your opponent if he has no grappling skills.

Note that we said that Lee dominated Barboza for nearly the entire fight. This goes to show that even BJJ and the ground game-based plan is not foolproof. At one point in the fight, Lee got a little too cocky and overconfident in the fact that he was dominating his opponent on the ground. Barboza unloaded a devastating high kick that almost KOed Lee on the spot. But Lee managed to show tremendous grit and fortitude and he immediately shot for the pummel and double-leg takedown. This helped him to catch his wits about him after taking a powerful leg kick in the head.

So, grappling and BJJ enabled Lee to protect himself even though he was seconds from being knocked out. Had he implemented a different game plan that wasn’t based on the ground game, he would have definitely lost. But instead, he managed to pull through with the use of his superior grappling skills.

It’s our best advice that we can give you to start training BJJ as soon as possible. It will make your overall MMA skills skyrocket and it’s a worthy investment of your time if you wish to become a proficient fighter.