Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle

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Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle

Built to withstand the high intensity of grappling. 
Yet so comfortable, you'll forget it's protecting your body while training!
We proudly introduce to you...


The Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle! 
no gi bundle
Our newest addition to the No Gi Shop 2018 Catalog.  We're extremely excited to finally share our newest creation with our valued customers!


The magical thing about this BJJ Bundle  is that it's not ONLY great for BJJ, It's actually great for pretty much any high intensity sport you can think of!  

Surfing, Cycling, Cross-fit, Snowboarding, Hockey, Weight lifting, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Running Yoga...the list goes on!  You name the activity...we got you covered!

no gi bjj rashguard traditional Japanese art

Our Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle is more than just training apparel. It's your body's armor in vigorous preparation for battle!

tiger style bjj spats

When you look great, you feel great! 

The precision design in the Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle is inspired by Traditional Japanese Tattoo Artwork, and can be quite the conversation starter!

When wearing your new Tiger Style No Gi BJJ Bundle, Be prepared to answer questions such as "Where did you get that from?" and "Where can I get one?" 


(Did we mention that it protects your skin and muscles too!?)

mma spats and shorts

    Skin Disease Prevention
    Because of how much constant skin contact occurs in Jiu-Jitsu, it is not uncommon for different types of skin diseases such as Ring worm, Impetigo, herpes simplex and MRSA or Staph Infections to be transferred from person to person.  The lack of knowledge and awareness that surround some of these diseases are among the largest reasons for their prevalence.  In fact, one of the key parts of preventing just about any type of disease is to make sure that people are aware of what they can do to avoid contracting it.   
    Muscle Injury Prevention
    There have been several studies on how wearing a rash guard and spats during and after after can speed up injury recovery due to the compression of the muscles. Just as there are compression braces that reduce injuries of the knees and ankles, rash guards may also reduce the occurrence of minor acute injuries.
    Wearing High Quality No Gi rash guard compression gear is the first step in prevention against these types of skin diseases! Even when training and competing in Gi Jiu-Jitsu, you should always wear a rash underneath your Gi! 
    Cool Dry Technology
    Dry Fit fabric keeps you dry and comfortable by pulling sweat away from your skin to the fabric's surface where it can evaporate quickly.  Mesh breathable material keeps you cool as your body temperature rises during high intensity sessions


    • 15% spandex +85% polyester
    • Elastic Waist
    • 7 Panel Stitching (designed for high intensity grappling)
    • Unisex.  Great for both Men and Women.


    • Lightweight & Fast Drying
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Durable, High Intensity Tested and Long Lasting
    • Cool DryFit fabric keeps you and  your training partners dry during training



    • These are made TRUE to the size!
    We recommend ordering your actual size.  If you normally wear a Large shirt, order a Large..I'm 5'9 180lbs - and a Large fits me perfect.  (Size chart below)